Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our day at the Cleveland Clinic

Yesterday we spent the day at the Cleveland Clinic. First off Noah was weighed. He now weighs 66lbs. A few months ago I was thinking Noah would never grow. Here we are 6months later and 21lbs. heavier. He has gone from a size 8 to a size 12. If he keeps growing at this rate we'll need to go up a size again. We haven't had to buy clothes Noah for in 5 years. Its so nice not being so stressed when he gets sick. He now has meat on his bones and I'm not too afraid if he would lose some weight .
Speaking of Noah getting sick, brings me to the real reason we went to the Cleveland Clinic. For the last 6 months Noah has been sick a lot. With no real reason why. Yesterday he had a check up with his pulmonologist. With a lot of questions being asked she suggested that Noah's nissan (wrapping of his stomach around his esophagus so he can't reflux and aspirate) may have come loose and causing him to have silent reflux again. Which may be causing him to get sick. Next Wednesday he is going to have a test done to see if the nissan has come loose. I'm not wishing another surgery for Noah but, if we can help him out by not getting sick all the time. I'm all for it. Keep him in your prayers that we can find the reason he has been sick so often lately.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Morgan is home again.....

When Morgan left for college we had to learn a new normal. Things would never be the same...I was so excited the first weekend she came home. But, I had to learn how to appreciate the time I got to spend with her and not get upset with the time she spent with others. It took alot but I can now enjoy the time I do get with her. She is such a mature young lady with great morals and values. I don't have to worry about her making the right choices. She has met a nice young man that has the same morals and values as well. They are going to do great things together.

He treats her how I want my daughter to be treated. He makes her feel so special and I know when he wakes each morning he thinks of Morgan. His Mom and Dad did a great job raising a fine young man. Morgan is so lucky to have found him.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Enjoying the fall weather.......

I've been so proud of our Emily lately. She has really come out of her shell and has really blossomed. She made flag corps this year. She recently tried out for the school play, show choir and Melloettes. She has made all three. Good Job Emily!!!!!

Noah loves going to the football games and watching his big sister in the band.

A few weeks ago the Alumni Band members joined the SHS band on the field at halftime.The gentlemen in the red shirt in the middle of the picture was a Shelby High School bamd member from 1968-1971. He is blind and he has marched in the SHS band as well as The OSU marching band. He has never let his lack of sight stop him from doing the things he has wanted to do.

Great job Mom Dahn. You looked awesome.

Brian Crum did a great job! It looked as if you never left the SHS Band.

Diana, thanks for being a teacher that cares about your students.

This game was the last game for Noah. It has gotten too cold for Noah to be outside for too long. I"m so excited he just worked himself through a cold with out antibiotics. Yeah!!!!!! He now weighs 63lbs. That just feels so weird to say....... he has been in the 40's for 4 years. Its great to see him filling out. But, oh my......... he is ssoooo heavy.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Really struggling.......

Lately I've been really struggling...... I love what ABR has done for Noah. He has come along way in 2 years. He has gained 20lbs., better head control and he is able to fight off a cold without it going into his lungs. I want to continue with ABR but its been hard finding the money to continue going to the training sessions. I've been struggling with the idea of why bother if we can't continue with going to the training sessions every 6 months. Last Friday I brought the therapy table out to the living room..... that way I can do therapy and still be with everyone else. Noah can also see the movie we are watching on the big TV. Before we used a small portable DVD player. Noah had trouble seeing the movie and then would fight against what I was doing because he was tired of laying still with nothing to do. So far its been going a lot better. It has really helped my motivation. I pray that something will open up for us soon and we can attend the next ABR training in February.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Second Coolest Thing On Wheels

On Saturday our church was having a Fall Festival and Car Show. We donated money for an award to be given to a car owner that Noah had picked. Scott and Noah looked at all the cars. There were lots of cool cars but they decided that this one:
Was the Second Coolest Thing On Wheels....

Cause, Noah is The Coolest Thing On Wheels. Don't you think.....
It is a 1940 Buick 5-passenger four-door Touring Sedan
248 cu. in, 107 hp. Straight Eight Motor
16.5 mpg at 50 mph
70 minimum octane gasoline
Owners: Don and Joann Bishop

Noah was fighting a cold, so he had fallen asleep before it was time to hand out the award.
Here is the very proud owner excepting his award.