Friday, August 25, 2017

Time for a New Chair

It's time for Noah to get a new wheelchair. Lately he has been trialing a power chair.

At the end of this video Noah puts his head down and I ask him if he is done driving and he lifts up his shoulders and sighs a big sigh.  I took that as yes. He was pretty wore out.

What boy doesn't like to do donuts?
It was decided that Noah would get new wheels, a new seat and everything else new on his chair except the frame and borrow a power chair he can keep practicing on. 
Good job, Noah!!!! Keep up the awesome work.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Bindi's Progress

From day one Bindi has been all about Noah. She has been very good for Noah when it comes to  doctors appointments and his surgery.  

She is still  doing so well with Noah's therapy. In fact she knows when it's time and jumps up and lays right down. 
I've been working with her at home on getting under his chair and staying. This will help when we are out and about when I need to feed Noah or when we are at a doctors appointments when she needs to be off his lap.
Before she would be standing up or being in the way. I would tell her to lay down and she would for maybe 2 seconds.

I'm happy to say that our work at home is paying off. She is doing so much better. I've taken her to the food pantry and to a restaurant and she did so well.   I believe there is hope for her yet. :)

Monday, August 7, 2017

A Day at the Zoo

We started out our day taking cookies to Shelby's emergency room where Noah always receives great care. This was part of Core Community Church's community impact day. Noah and also took some cookies to his barber on Tuesday when he went to get his haircut.
We then went to pick up our friends James Miller and Eting Wang up and we headed to the zoo for the day.We had a beautiful day to enjoy the zoo.

It was fun watching the twin polar bears.

Noah and Bindi enjoyed the sunshine and watching the fish in the aquarium.

All the primates eyed Bindi and wouldn't leave her alone.

Even the mandrills eyed her and followed us all around the exhibit. You can really see the fear in Bindi here. Poor girl.....
 Thanks James and Eting for spending the day with us. We had fun.