Saturday, July 28, 2012

Noah's Day With the OSU Basketball Team

 Noah had a great day with the OSU Men's Basketball Team. Everyone got a Nike shirt, shorts,bag and all the boys got a basketball signed by all the players.
 We got there early enough that we were able to watch the Olympics with the OSU basketball team.
 Scott had already made plans for the day when this opportunity came along. Uncle Paul was very excited to step in and take Scott's place.

 A group shot of all the boys and their Dad's (or their Uncle Paul)
Uncle Paul telling Noah how to steal the ball. 

 It was fun watching all the players messing around and having fun with all the kids.

 Autograph time.

Thanks Uncle Paul for a great day, I had fun. Love, Noah

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beautiful Day for a Wedding

What a beautiful day for a wedding.  Our area really need the  rain but, I'm so glad the rain held off. Morgan was able to have the outside wedding she was dreaming about.

 Issiah and Noah were the best ushers.
 Morgan and Emily have gotten each other through a lot growing up with a special needs brother. I'm so glad they've had each other when I was too busy with Noah. They've become the best of friends.
 Morgan's silly monkey face.
 What a beautiful bride. She took my breath away.
 Maddie the flower girl.  She tried so hard but, ended up being too scared to go down the isle. Bless her little heart.

 Issiah did a awesome job pulling Jack (the ring bearer) in the wagon.
 Daddy and his little girl.
 Scott giving her away.
 Emily read a scripture from the Bible.
 Exchanging of the rings.

 Sand ceremony
 Mr. and Mrs. Brad and Morgan Schneider
 Congratulations Brad and Morgan   You look so happy together.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Camping 2012

 Every year around the 4th of July my family gets together for camping. This year everyone camped in my sister's backyard.
 We went swimming and had a great time spending time with family.

 Waiting for the fireworks to start. Noah in his PNF kicks of course.

 Scott had fun playing cards.
We adventured out in the heat to watch the parade. Good thing we watched Crestline's fireworks. It was way too hot to watch Shelby's. Be side's Noah was asleep by 9pm.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Morgan's Bridal Shower

 Can't believe my baby girl is going to be a bride in 8 days.

 It was great party with family and friends.

 Little Lillian ready to party.
 Emily doing some games.  Do you know where Brad purposed to Morgan?
 A party isn't complete without a chocolate fountain.
 Ziena came all dressed up in her Hawaiian dress. So Pretty!!!

 Morgan got a lot of neat gifts.
 Madelyn and Ziena loved the pink flamingo.
Silly Madelyn (Morgan's flower girl)