Sunday, July 30, 2017

Noah/Kehres Day

We had a beautiful day on Saturday enjoying  our Noah/Kehres day.
We went to German Village. We checked out the Bookloft. It's hard to believe but I was the one that walked out with books not Scott. I can't wait to share them when with someone special.
I love getting picture text while we are out. Noah is so loved by hte Kehres' and Zoro too. He really enjoyed his day with them at the KOA campground. It was a bit chilly but it sure was better then sitting and sweating the whole day.

Friday, July 28, 2017

A Night at the Roselawn

Tonight we enjoyed playing miniature golf at Roselawn in Shelby.
We met our friend James Miller and his girlfriend ETing Wang there. They are home visiting form Taiwan this month.  We are hoping to get together again before they head back.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cleveland Clinic/Willoughby

Our appointment with Noah's audiologist on Monday went really well.
I was telling Katie that Noah won't wear his ear to the food pantry on Wednesdays. She then added a program that scans the area Noah is in and blocks out the background noise. On Wednesday I was getting Noah ready to volunteer at the pantry. After I was put his ear on I reminded him that Katie had added the program and to give it a chance before he decides to take his ear off. I'm pleased and amazed that he didn't try to take it off. In fact he wore it all morning. Noah even interacted with everyone and even had a few smiles.
Our appointment at the audiologist consist of hooking Noah's implant up to a computer and checking to see how his brain is processing the sound. They make changes with the information they receive to make the implant work better for Noah.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

OSU Basketball Day

Finally a fun day after all the appointments this month.
Noah really enjoys watching the boys shoot around.

Micah Potter took the time to say Hi to Noah and he remembered him from last year. He said all the boys are adjusting to the change in coaching and they are getting ready for a great season that starts in 70 days.

I'm sure you noticed that Bindi wasn't in any of the pictures Scott posted yesterday. We decided to give Bindi the day off. It was actually nice getting a break from her. She does a wonderful job keeping Noah less anxious and she sure does look cute on his lap but she struggles sometimes. She can be skittish and also gives Noah a lap dance when we are going from one thing to the next. This is why I was asking about  a trainer a few weeks ago. I have never really trained a dog before and had actually thought Bindi would come to us fully trained. I've been working with her on my own. She is doing much better then when we first got her but still has some work to do. 
   Bindi sure was glad to see Noah when we got home last night, she didn't want  to leave his side.                                                                Noah was happy to see her too.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

You Can Do This!!!

Life can be so overwhelming sometimes with everything we feel we need to get done in a day. When I get overwhelmed I tend to shut down and do nothing at all. It really got bad for me about a week ago. There is so much I need to get done in a day that I was spending more time thinking about how to fit it all in that I ended up not having time to actually get anything done. I know it sounds pretty lame but I struggle with this all the time. One day a few weeks ago I was looking at a monthly calendar that has hung on our refrigerator for years. It used to have Morgan and Emily activities on it when they were little.  That day I saw it in a new light. It would no longer be used a monthly calendar but  a weekly calendar. Last week it worked out great. I got a lot of things done and didn't feel overwhelmed. Not everything got done but I need to need live life too  and learn to take it one day at a time.
Speaking of getting things done..... ABR  therapy has been going really well lately.
I can really see how far Noah has come. You could have never sat like this in the car before we started ABR.
I found this seat on line and just had to try it. It can fold up and go in a bag, it's so portable. It will come in handy when Noah won't be able to ride in his chair.
Doesn't he look so good sitting there?
I think he really like going to Mansfield on Friday,  he felt like just a regular kid riding in a car.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Another Day Another Appoinment

Today Noah's appointment was with his gastroenterologist Dr. Kaplan and his nutritionist. This appointment always stresses me out. Over the years I have always done what I felt that was best for Noah, such as the blenderized diet rather then giving him the loaded done sugared formula. In the beginning they felt it was the worst thing I could do for him even though he was the healthiest he had ever been. Over time they have come around but in the process I have felt like I was under their thumb. Noah has been seen every six months and had to have blood work done every time to see what his nutrtion levels were. Every time his numbers got better and better.
He is doing so well that finally they are confident enough in me that they don't want to see him again until a year. It has taken 6 years maybe more I can't remember.... I can feel like I can breath.... We were told Noah is most likely done growing and the main goal now is to keep him stable.
Forever our peanut at 71lbs and 4ft. 9 1/4in. tall.
Bindi has been working on be down and staying while off of Noah's lap. She doesn't look  happy about it but has been doing much better.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Surgery Day

Check in and waiting for pre-op to be ready for Noah. This will be his sixth time getting tubes in his ears. We know this surgery is no big deal, but we always get nervous. Please keep Noah in your thoughts today. thanks, friends!
Bindi really helped Noah today. Usually Noah would have to be given Valium to settle his nerves. Not today!!!
It never gets easy watching your baby being wheeled away.....
Noah did so well recovering quickly. We were on our way home in no time.

Monday, July 3, 2017

A Day at the Cleveland Clinic

Noah had a check up with his pulmonologist Dr. Royce. Noah got a lung X-ray after a good report. He sounded so good right now that Doctor Royce wanted a new baseline X-ray.
After our appointment we went to lunch at the Great Northern Mall. I have to make note here how much  I love their changing stations in the bathroom. They are so handicap accessible. No need to to change Noah on the floor. I wish more places were just as accessible.
After lunch we went to see the movie 49 Meters Down. It was fun to go to a movie today but I don't think either one of us enjoyed it much.