Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cleveland Clinic/Willoughby

Our appointment with Noah's audiologist on Monday went really well.
I was telling Katie that Noah won't wear his ear to the food pantry on Wednesdays. She then added a program that scans the area Noah is in and blocks out the background noise. On Wednesday I was getting Noah ready to volunteer at the pantry. After I was put his ear on I reminded him that Katie had added the program and to give it a chance before he decides to take his ear off. I'm pleased and amazed that he didn't try to take it off. In fact he wore it all morning. Noah even interacted with everyone and even had a few smiles.
Our appointment at the audiologist consist of hooking Noah's implant up to a computer and checking to see how his brain is processing the sound. They make changes with the information they receive to make the implant work better for Noah.

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