Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hallow Weekend,Remedy Drive and Casting Crowns

On Saturday we went to Cedar Point. A lot of fun things were going on there. It was the first weekend for Hallow Weekends and it was the day of Pointfest. Several christian bands were playing. We had a great time. Noah watched several monsters dancing to the Monster Mash and other spooky songs.

One of the bands that played was Remedy Drive.
The girls had a great time seeing them again. ( They played at our church about a year ago)

Brad, Morgan, Noah and Emily enjoying the concert.

Noah and I on the big Ferris wheel. Its been a long time since we've taken Noah to Cedar Point. I found that there was even less for him to do there. He has out grown the little rides and not strong enough for the other rides. Although he didn't ride much he still enjoyed being out and about.

Our view from the big Ferris wheel.

The last concert of the day was Casting Crowns. They were AWESOME!!!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

School,sharks and bugs oh my......

This morning Noah met his new teacher, Mrs. S. They asked Mrs. P. and she felt very overwhelmed with the change at the start of school. She felt she couldn't give the attention that Noah deserved. So.... they hired Mrs. S. Noah seemed to be ok with her this morning. At least he didn't growl at her or seem stressed out. She's coming tomorrow to spend time with him and get to know him.
As you can see we had a little fun while learning about the ocean last week. This week we have been learning about bugs.
His schedule will look like this......
Monday: Music with friends from 9-9:45
Tuesday and Thursday I'm hoping to get OT,PT and ST started soon.
Wednesday: music with friends from 9-9:45 confirmation class 6:30-7:30
Friday: Mrs. S. day 9-11
In between all of this ABR therapy

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Home schooling is going pretty good. This week we are learning about things that live around and in the ocean. Yesterday we learned about sea stars.

Noah loves being in the water so I decided it would be fun for him to learn what kind of things live there.

Hand over hand I helped Noah trace the sea star and we then put it under the paper and did a crayon rubbing of the texture.
Today we learned about sea anemones.

Today during our math time we talked about fractions. In order to make it more fun, we made cookies. Here Noah is telling me what one says 1/2.

He then helped me mix the cookies up. He loves to cook. Tomorrow we are going to learn about sharks.

Remember the post about Noah doing ABR therapy while watching the Indians game? We were looking for Morgan and Brad to be on TV. Well, they actually were. Here is a picture of our TV screen during the game.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zoo Trip

The Saturday before Morgan went to college, we went to the Columbus Zoo. It's a great zoo. Lots of hands on for the kids. Noah got to touch a snake, starfish and he got to feed the Lorakeets. Scott likes to feed the Lorakeets too, until one decided to take a crap all over his shirt. Emily hates to go in with the birds. She sat outside to wait on us.
Brad (Morgan's boyfriend) enjoyed feeding the birds too. It was great spending the day with him and getting to know him a little bit better.

Noah doesn't seem to mind the birds either. Although one also took a crap on his bag. Darn birds....

The Columbus Zoo has a new polar bear exhibit. It was fun watching them swim around. You can watch them from above or below the water.

I thought this mountain goat was very interesting.

It was a great family day.