Thursday, September 9, 2010

Home schooling is going pretty good. This week we are learning about things that live around and in the ocean. Yesterday we learned about sea stars.

Noah loves being in the water so I decided it would be fun for him to learn what kind of things live there.

Hand over hand I helped Noah trace the sea star and we then put it under the paper and did a crayon rubbing of the texture.
Today we learned about sea anemones.

Today during our math time we talked about fractions. In order to make it more fun, we made cookies. Here Noah is telling me what one says 1/2.

He then helped me mix the cookies up. He loves to cook. Tomorrow we are going to learn about sharks.

Remember the post about Noah doing ABR therapy while watching the Indians game? We were looking for Morgan and Brad to be on TV. Well, they actually were. Here is a picture of our TV screen during the game.

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Pastor Steve said...

This may be a repeat as I am just figuring out my "Google Account"...but, if you didn't receive my first note I said....
Susan, I know I don't post much but want you to know I enjoy keeping up with Noah and your family on this site. We miss you soooooo much. Come up north for a visit soon! We'll go to the beach!