Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zoo Trip

The Saturday before Morgan went to college, we went to the Columbus Zoo. It's a great zoo. Lots of hands on for the kids. Noah got to touch a snake, starfish and he got to feed the Lorakeets. Scott likes to feed the Lorakeets too, until one decided to take a crap all over his shirt. Emily hates to go in with the birds. She sat outside to wait on us.
Brad (Morgan's boyfriend) enjoyed feeding the birds too. It was great spending the day with him and getting to know him a little bit better.

Noah doesn't seem to mind the birds either. Although one also took a crap on his bag. Darn birds....

The Columbus Zoo has a new polar bear exhibit. It was fun watching them swim around. You can watch them from above or below the water.

I thought this mountain goat was very interesting.

It was a great family day.

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