Saturday, August 28, 2010

College Bound

On Tuesday this week some of us got together to say goodbye to Morgan and wish her luck. Grandma and Grandpa Bebow enjoyed the time with everyone
Scott, Gunner, Uncle Paul and Grandma Sheaffer enjoying some great food and conversation.

Tara, Logan and Aunt Janet was there to tell Morgan good luck.

As we were finishing packing the van before we left on Thursday, the wind chimes on the front porch started to ring. It was if Grandpa Sheaffer was telling Morgan he was thinking of her and Good Luck. What a send off for her. It gave us chills.
This Morgan after we unloaded her stuff at Capital. ( Actually some ROTC guys had the van unloaded even before I had Noah out of the car. They then carried all up to Morgan's room.) She wasn't to thrilled with me wanting to take pictures. Get used to it girl.... there will be plenty more.

She is all moved in..... now she needs some decorations to make it feel more like home.

The cookie Meredith's Mom got for them.

Morgan and Meredith
Morgan was so excited to get a awesome room mate.

Morgan is living in the Saylor Ackerman Hall

A rally to get the kids excited about the new year.

Are we at Hogwarts? I thought this was Capital University.

All the freshman going through the gates to start their new adventure at Capital U

Morgan and Meredith making their pass through the gates.
Good Luck Morgan, we are so proud of you.
You are going to do great things.
Love Your Family

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