Monday, August 23, 2010

Will Noah be able to use a I-Pad as a communication device?

I usually make Noah food right before I feed it to him. That way he is eating the same things we are. On Saturday we went to the zoo. So, on Friday we had to make his lunch and supper to take with us. I've been really wondering if Noah would be able to use the new I-Pad as a communication device. So I made up some pictures for Noah to choose what he wanted to pack for his lunch and supper for the zoo.

I had him chose between carrots and mixed veg tables. As you can see in this picture he is choosing carrots.
To make sure he wanted carrots I asked him and he clearly said yes. I had him choose his sandwiches, fruit and whether he wanted juice or milk as well.

Here he is pouring in the carrots.
When he was all done choosing and adding he was ready to blend it all up.
I really think with some more practice with him showing what his answer is by touching it, he'll be ready to use the I-Pad. I'm so excited!!!!! A whole new world will open up for him.

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