Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monster Bash

Noah and Scott wait for the "drive-in" movie to start Saturday evening.

In the background are John and Mary Bishop, Monster Bash pals.

This is Eddie Curtis. He always has a smile,

and is always ready to go swimming.

Susan and Barb Heiss. Barb was one of the first people

to talk to us at our first Bash, and we've been

friends ever since. Barb was disappointed that

Susan wouldn't be around Sunday evening this year

for their normal get-together. Hopefully next year

it'll work out.

Noah and Melody Stevens. We met her at our 2nd Bash,

and have been close since. She shares our hotel room

every year, and she's a lot of fun to be around.

Scott and Debi Goettel, Rob and Cathy St. James,

and Jerry Goodwin await the start of the Saturday

evening outdoor festivities. They're all part of our

circle of friends at the Bash.

Noah surrounded by Abbott & Costello impersonators, and

their press agent "Scoop." I wish I knew their real names.

They were dead-on with their A&C routines, the best

act there is today. And what great guys they are!

Scott and Don Reese. Don is a "fantastic" comedian, and has

been a friend for a long time. We met at one of the first Bashes

we attended. Scott is waiting for the baby to kick, and

Don is just happy Scott doesn't abide by the restraining order.

Last weekend, Susan, Noah, and I traveled to Butler, PA for the 2009 Monster Bash. It's a classic horror film convention that is geared toward families. We've gone to 10 Bashes now, and have made many, many great friends there.
This year the theme was "Frankenstein", and guests included Donnie Dunagan (Peter Frankenstein in "Son of Frankenstein"), Ron Chaney (grandson of Lon Chaney, Jr.--Frankenstein's monster in "Ghost of Frankenstein"), Gary Conway (the monster in "I Was a Teenage Frankenstein". Also on the guest list was Ricou Browning (the underwater creature in all 3 "Creature from the Black Lagoon" movies), Lou Ferrigno (the Incredible Hulk!!), and many others.
Our stay this year was a bit shorter than normal (we came home Sunday afternoon instead of staying till Monday morning). It was great to be there, but it was a sad time when we had to leave before the show was officially over. We were sad to miss our normal Sunday evening dinner with our Bash circle of friends, and the Sunday night movies we watch together.
The Monster Bash has held auctions in the past to help raise money for Noah's therapy. Monster Kids have big hearts for a good cause, and all at the Bash love Noah dearly. And we love the Bash, the attendees, and the folks behind the show, Ron, Ursula, and Paisley Adams, and the entire Orange Shirt Brigade.
The Sheaffers