Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Noah's New Bed

 At 11:10am this morning, Noah's new bed arrived. The two guys that brought it were very happy that Noah's room was on the first floor.

 By noon they had it all put together.

 I put the sheets on and then went to go get Noah from so school. I sure hope he doesn't freak out too much. He really doesn't deal with change well. Even if its so much better for him.

He looks pretty comfy don't you think......

It has lots of room for growth, padded sides to keep him safe and a cut out for his ABR machine tubes. Now the machine won't have to be in bed with him.

I asked Noah if his bed was comfy cozy....
He happily said "Yes"

I would like to thank everyone that helped make Noah's new bed a reality. I have worked almost 2 long years to get this bed for Noah. There were many restless nights for this Momma, worrying about Noah hurting himself. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have the best support group that anyone could ask for.
Sweet dreams Noah........

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Noah's First Day of School 2013

 Last Thursday we got to tour the brand new Shelby High School.

It was so nice inside.

 We even found the elevator. I'm so excited Noah is going to be able to go every where.
 We got to see the auxiliary gym where the kids will have gym.
 By this time Noah was really getting upset and getting congested. I was hoping taking him out to see his new school before school started would be a good idea. Maybe not......
 His classroom wasn't unpacked yet. (The teachers had just got the ok to unpack a hour before we got there.) I tried to explain to him that it would be better on the first day of school with all his friends and teachers. 
 We then checked out the SHS gym.
 And found the #1 Fan's seat for the basketball games.
 This is Noah this morning in front of the school.
I sure hope he has a good first day of school and doesn't get too upset.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Great Day for Mohican

 Sunday was a great day to enjoy some family time at Mohican.

I just wish there wasn't such a steep hill down to the river. It was to hard to get Noah down to the water. He still had fun getting some fresh air and soaking in the sunshine. It has been the best summer for Noah. We've only have had a few weeks of really hot, sticky weather.

 The little ones had fun playing in the water. They tried so hard to stay dry but, they were having to much fun for that.
What a great day!!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Noah and the Alpaca Show

Noah had fun showing a Alpaca today at the Richland County Fair.


            Noah's Alpaca's name was Mr. President.          
Mr. President's handler was Dominic (I think...)

Noah and his friends all had a great time. (These are also Noah's baseball friends too.)
What a great experience for all these kids. Noah loved it!!!! He was grinning from ear to ear.
Noah got a green ribbon for participating and a Alpaca ornament to put on our Christmas tree this year.