Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ABR Fall 2012 Progress

These pictures show the progress we have made in the last 6 months with ABR.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Montreal ABR Trip Fall 2012

 Our training in Montreal went really well. Pictures of our progress from the last 6 months will come in a later blog post. Stay tuned.
 We received excercises for the Lateral neck, Mid-thorax across, Platform Mastoid, Lumbar across. Posterior ribs and along the Mid thorax.
 On Wednesday we adventured out and rode the bus to downtown Montreal. We went to the Under ground Mall.  Downtown Montreal is very old and not very attractive. Although this street is where our bus stop was to catch our ride back to the RM House.
 Noah wasn't real sure of the bus ride with all the swaying and stopping. Even though it was very hard for me to step out of my comfort zone and agree to go, I'm glad Emily encouraged me to go. ( I had my moments when I wasn't too sure.)  It was fun getting out and seeing parts of Montreal I've never seen.
 This is Noah's new friend Vincent. He is the one that came up to Noah and said, "Hi" to him. He was such a sweet little boy that would make everyone feel special. He is definitely one of God's Angels here on Earth. I couldn't get Noah to look at the camera. He wanted to keep talking to his new friend.
 On the way home we stopped in Niagara Falls, Canada for the night.  In the past he would always cry and not enjoy it much. When we got down to the falls, I picked him up and let him see. With our recent diagnosis of 90% hearing loss, I thought maybe he was hearing the low roar of the falls and couldn't see because of the ledge and the sound scared him. That must of been what it was because, he seemed to enjoy himself this time. Times like this I feel so bad that it took me this long to figure out what he was trying to tell me. I'm glad he was able to enjoy it for the first time. It made the side trip to the falls worth it.

 Emily and Noah with "Da Moose" Noah has such a goofy grin.
 Emily treated me to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.
Thank you, Emily. I love you.
 Noah really enjoyed looking at the fish tank and all the animals around him.
 On the way back to our hotel, Noah spotted Fraknenstien and wanted his picture taken with him.
  Noah's favorite thing to do at the  hotel, swimming!!!!
 He was all over the pool.
 We have been home for 2 nights now and Noah has been using his ABR machine all night long.
Can't wait to see what changes will we see.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wayne's Country Market

Noah's class went to Wayne's Country Market for a field  trip.

 They enjoyed playing in the corn pit.

 The helped make apple cider.
 I wonder if Noah will like it?
 Maybe not.....
 They went on a wagon ride. Noah loved it so much that he wasn't too happy when it was time to get off.

 Noah and a few of his classmates.
 Noah has the best teachers anyone could ask for. They are a great group of ladies that really enjoy what they do and it shows.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sometimes I Wonder....

 I recently took Noah to a Shelby football game.  Noah really enjoys getting out and about and seeing everyone. When I'm out with him, I sometimes wonder what Noah would be doing if he was a typical 14 year old boy.  Would he like playing sports, would he be in the band like his sisters and even what friends would he have.
 This last weekend was homecoming, would he have gone to the dance and with whom? I still can't believe he would be a freshmen in high school. He still seems so little to me. I often wonder if he feels lonely and then I look at him and just see a boy that is happy and content.
 Today we took him to the Cleveland Clinic to get his hearing tested again. They found that he has a profound hearing loss in both ears. They said, in order for him to hear you need to yell in his ear.  That just blew me away. I knew he had a hearing loss from the last test he had but, to hear that he  would be considered deaf.... wow
 I was really hoping for some good news for once. Its just a lot to take in. I didn't think it would affect me as hard as it has. It takes me back when he was first diagnosed with Trisomy 8. I'm just glad Scott and I were able to talk about it with each other on the way home today. The last time we didn't say a word to each other. Now we just need to figure out where we go from here. In a few weeks he will be fitted with hearing aides and I pray that they will work this time.
  I look into those beautiful eyes I see the most perfect soul and just pray that he is content and happy.
Just recently someone told me that they love looking at pictures of Noah. That when they look into his eyes they have a calming effect on them.
I totally agree.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hearing Test Tomorrow

 Last Monday, Noah had a swallowing study done.  His school requested to have it done in order for them to continue to feed him by mouth.

 Unfortunately they said they wouldn't recommend it. The therapist who did it believed Noah doesn't even enjoy eating by mouth.  He did so well over the summer with no sickness and he would even make mmm sounds when he really enjoyed eating something like his root beer float. What do they know anyway. We have decided when he gets over his cold completely we are going to continue feeding him by mouth and have them continue feeding him by g-tube at school. 

 Noah also had a check up with his pulminologist to clear him for a hearing test tomorrow. They are going to put him to sleep and check his hearing. Noah received hearing aides when he was 3 years old. They were not a good fit for him.  There was always a lot of feed back and there were wires from each ear to a small box. He would constantly pull them out.  If he still needs hearing aides, hopefully with new technology we can find something that will work better.
Please keep him in your prayers tomorrow. I know its just a hearing test but, they are still putting him to sleep. It always makes be a bit nervous.
 After his appointments we always stop at the Strongsville Mall.
Noah picked out a cool baseball bracelet and some Shrinky Dinks at the Indian's store.
 Then Emily took him shoe shopping.  He thought the leopard shoes were hilarious.
 He was not impressed with the rainbow knee tennis shoes.  He did find some Perry the Platypus slip on shoes that he just had to have so, Emily bought them for him.
 We checked out some Halloween costumes at Deb's.  He thought the witches hat was just too funny.
The purple wig was just  hilarious.
We always stop at the mall on the way home to give Noah the time to have some fun after a stressful day at the clinic.  One time I didn't take the time and he eneded up making himself sick and had a 103 fever by the time I got home. Since then I always make time to stop on the way home.