Sunday, June 29, 2014

What a Great Season

This last week was the last regular season game. All of Noah's teammates got a medal and a dvd of pictures of their games.

Noah really enjoyed playing baseball again this year. His team was asked to come play in a all-star game in Strongsville Ohio on July 13th. We can't wait.

Noah up to bat. 

I love seeing the joy in his face.  Thanks Maggie for capturing these photos of Noah.

Giving high fives after the game.

It was great to be apart of the challengers team again this year. It wasn't until last year we stumbled upon this. It has been such a blessing to not only Noah but to Scott and I as well. It has been so fun to be a part of something where we feel like to everyone else. Enjoying baseball with our son..... 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Monster Bash 2014

Fifteen years ago we started going to a classic monster convention called Monster Bash. Over the years it became less of place to watch all the classic monstrer movies and more of a reunion. We have met a lot of great friends and they have become like family to us.
It was great to get back at Monster Bash this year. Last year we were unable to attend. 

Noah found his car he wants to drive. He is 16 you know.

Friends of ours Mark and Diane Mazurczak, gave Noah this amazing Creature from the Black Lagoon quilt. Noah is well loved at Monster Bash. Thank you guys so much. He loves it.

This our friend Eddie. It has been 3 summers since we last saw him. Eddie is a guy that has a special place in our hearts. Until next year Eddie, we love you and miss you already.
It was so good to see Don Reese perform over the weekend. He's always so funny. If you ever see that he is performing near you don't miss it, you won't be sorry.
Don was presented with the much deserved Monster Bash Forry award, Saturday night. We love you Don.
Before we left Sunday morning we had breakfast with everyone. Here are our good friends Jerry Goodwin and Don Reese.
      Our Good friends John and Mary Bishop. Thank you for everything you do for us.
Rob and Cathy St. James what amazing friends you are. Thanks for sharing a piece of your hotel room floor with us. 
Until next time everyone. We love and miss you all. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Awesome News!!!!!

Noah had a great appointment with his pulminologist Dr. Royce at the Cleveland Clinic today. After 8 years of a albuteral inhaler and using The Vest 2x a day, (more if sick) he feels that Noah is ready for a trial run of only doing it when he is sick. How awesome is that? Noah is the same child that was so sick all those years ago, we were told that we should be prepared to one day he would need a trache. I really believe that the combination of getting Noah completely off formula and all our work with doing ABR therapy has helped in making Noah the healthy child he is today. 

Fathers Day Weekend 2014

Morgan, Noah and I went to the Columbus Zoo last Thursday.

It was at last minute decision. It was a perfect day for the zoo. We got there right when they opened and we had the perfect weather.. All the animals were out and very active.
We checked out the new dinosaur exhibit. Noah seemed to enjoy it until some of the dinosaurs sprayed him in the face on the boat ride.
We had fun trying on different animal mask on Noah.

Not sure he was impressed.

On Saturday morning, Scott, Noah and I went to see Ethan play baseball. Watching a bunch of 3 year olds is kinda like  herding cats.
On Saturday afternoon Scott, Noah and I went to our nephew Aiden's birthday party.
Noah loved the dancing in the gym.

I asked Noahto give me his best rock star face and this is what I got....
On Sunday we surprised our Dad with a cookout at his house. This is a picture with my older brother David, my sister Sandra and my younger brother Dan.

It was a beautiful to spend with family. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for always supporting us in all we do. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

What a Fun Weekend

Noah had another great game on Thursday last week.
On Friday we went to the Columbus Zoo for Dreamnight at the Zoo. We had a great time. This is Noah inside an airplane where you can look out and see the lions.
Issiah (Noah's cousin) got to ride a camel. Unfortunately Noah couldn't ride it because he is unable to sit and hold on.,

Noah got to feed a giraffe. He really enjoyed it.

He made his happy noises when the giraffe licked him.

Issiah enjoyed riding all the rides. I then told him we needed to go do something that Noah could do. Issiah then said, "Does Noah like the aquarium?" I said, "Yes he does, Let's go then."

I think Noah could sit and watch the fish swim for along time.

Issiah was a big help to me while we were at the zoo. Noah and Issiah are very close and Issiah is very protective of Noah
                                                                          On Saturday we went to Tristan Kerhes' graduation party. We thanked him for always making Noah feel like one of the guys. Tristan's reply was, " That's because he is"
What a great guy!!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Great Day for Swimming

We had a great time at our local swimming pool.
It was a beautiful day to enjoy the out doors.
The yellow swim ring looks like it might hurt Noah. It doesn' t bother him at all. It has been the best thing we've tried over the years. It keeps Noah's head above water and it allows Noah to go where he wants to on his own.

I'm trying to find fun, cheap places to take Noah this summer. If you have any ideas, please let me know.