Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy 17th Birthday Noah

 Noah you have been such a inspiration to so many people in your life time. 
 Without uttering a word you have taught so much.

 Your courage and bravery is amazing.

 I love how you smile every chance you get.

 Over the years you have gotten stronger.
 This last year has been a big one for you. You received your cochlear implant surgery last August and its been amazing and so fun to watch you rediscover your world again.
 Noah for your birthday I want you to know that you  are loved unconditionally not only by your family, but by God,the one who knit you together in my womb, the one who makes no mistakes.
Happy birthday, Noah. You are well loved.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

ABR Progress Report Nov. 2014

 I was finally  able to get Noah's progress report for ABR uploaded to the blog.
 If you are having trouble seeing the details in each picture, remember to click on the picture and it will get bigger.

By the way in this picture we aren't looking at how chunky Noah looks. (It's awfully cute though, isn't it...) It shows that the space between Noah's ribs and hips is getting farther apart. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Great Basketball Weekend

Noah had a great basketball weekend. The Freshmen cheerleaders came a gave him bags of candy and wanted their picture taken with him. He received a signed basketball and a jersey from the Varsity boys basketball team. Noah has also been invited to an after the game get together with the team. I'm so excited for him he is going to love it. My dream of Noah feeling like one of the guys is really happening.   

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Noah Had A Pretty Good Year

What a goober.
2014 was a pretty good year for Noah. He has gotten stronger and has even grown and gained some weight. In February of last year he weighed 65lbs and was 4ft 4in. tall. He now weighs 71.8lbs and he is 4ft. 7in tall. We had to go out and buy all new pants for him. He has worn size 12 boys for the last 3-4 years and now wears a size 14 boys. He still has little feet (13 toddler) Maybe one day he will have bigger feet....
 I often wonder how tall Noah is to me. It's so hard when he is either in his chair or squiggling on the floor. So I weighed and measured my great nephew Issiah and he weighs 83lbs and is 4ft. 7in tall at 9 years old. So now I know how tall my little man would be to me. Speaking of age.... I can't believe Noah is going to be 17  the end of this month.