Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Favorite Hero's Birthday Party

A few months ago I stumbled upon
Their goal is to put smiles on special needs children and their siblings faces.
Our baker was Carrie Guenther from Carries Cakes of Wooster
We gave Noah 4 choices: 66 Batman, Phineas and Ferb, Cleveland Indians and Universal Monsters. He chose 66n Batman.

Noah's 13th birthday has meant so much to us. Years ago after his diagnosis we weren't sure we would be able to have Noah long enough to celebrate his 13th birthday. So, we decided to do it up right.

We wanted to celebrate with the people that have always been there for us through it all. Our church family. Thanks to everyone that was able to celebrate with us.

Noah loved opening all the cards he recieved. This one from Linda Bloomfield made him belly laugh.

It was great having family and friends helping us celebrate our favorite hero's birthday.

A lot of party goers also got into the fun and decorated themselves for the occasion.

Our favorite hero and his big sister Emily.

Our little hero and his best buddy Issiah.
Thanks again for helping us celebrate this milesone with our teenage miracle.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy 13th Birthday Noah

Wow.... has it really been 13 years? He is a true gift from God. He has blessed our family more than I could ever imagine. We were told he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life. He is far from a vegetable. One day I would love for Noah to go into that doctors office and show her how wrong she was. She didn't give us much hope that day we were told his diagnosis. But, with the help of God, our family and church family we can now say we have a lot of hope. With God all things are possible.

For Noah's birthday I want him to know that he is loved unconditionally not only by his family, but by God,the one who knit him together in my womb, the one who makes no mistakes.
(Thank you Renee over at Massagermommy for the words I was looking to express some of my feelings today.)

Happy Birthday Noah

You are well loved.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Noah loves playing the Wii

Noah just loves playing the Wii. He finally can play a game like all the kids his age. Yes, he needs hand over hand help.... but he still loves to play. Last night Emily and Noah played baseball, golf and tennis. Each time they switched sports, Emily would ask Noah what he wanted to play. She would go through the list and at one point she mentioned to Noah that that there was a boxing game but, they probally wouldn't be able to do it.Wouldn't you know it at the next time she asked him what game he wanted to play, he said no to everything until she finally said boxing again. They did end up boxing and they got the high score. He was so happy. I love the way he thinks.... noone will ever tell him he can't do something without him trying his hardest to prove them wrong.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Leonid

Today is Leonid Blyum's birthday. He is the creator of ABR ( the therapy we have been doing on Noah for over 2yrs.) I can't thank this man enough. Noah has progressed more in the last 2yrs than he ever had in the first almost 11yrs. of his life. Noah has gained 20lbs., he is very rarely sick ( When he does get sick he can fight it off easier.) , his head control is 50% better and he is starting to use his arms more to brace himself in the sitting postion.
I just made the decision to attend a training session in Montreal, Canada to become an ABR technician. In doing this we'll be able to continue to provide Noah ABR therapy for free. I can't wait to see what Noah will be like in the future. Thank You Leonid for giving us hope for Noah's future.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I was heading to Crestline yesterday morning for a meeting. I was listening to 98.7 our local K-Love station. They were talking about picking one word to pray over for the year. I no sooner was thinking how can someone pick just 1 word to pray about when, TRUST popped into my head. Wow how appropriate this one word is, TRUST. I realized I need to learn to TRUST God in everything I say and do. I need to TRUST that he does have a plan for me and my family. I need to TRUST God that things will get better for us. I Need to TRUST God that he will provide. I need to learn to just TRUST. What is your one word?