Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wonderful News and a Update

Praise God!!!!!! Thanks again to some more earth angels...... We'll be traveling to Chicago next weekend for our next ABR training. I had given up hope that it would happen. We needed the money by Monday. A dear friend from our church stopped by with an envelope of money enough to cover the rest of the training. Several church members had donated money to make it happen. We are so grateful for our church family. Below are some before an after pictures of Noah:

Fall 2008 Spring 2009

In the Fall of 2008(pictures on the left) Noah's shoulder girdle instability and misalignment makes support on the elbows impossible and it doesn't provide a sufficent platform of support for the body.

In the Spring of 2009(pictures on the right) Noah exhibits much better shoulder girdle stability which results in the significant improvementof the short arm position. Further, the strengthening of the anterior neck and reduction in conflict between the shoulder blade and neck have contributed to the intial emergence of improving head control.

Thanks again to all of Noah's Earth Angels....... We Love You!!!!!!!

Time to pack for Chicgao!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Renewed Hope

Noah has been wonderful. Hopefully he doesn't read this and prove me otherwise. The picture above is Noah sitting in his chair. As you can see his hands are together in his lap. He'll even pick up his arms like this as well. If you haven't been around a special needs child you may not know how big an accomplishment this is. Noah couldn't do this before.
We recently asked for a letter from the ABR center stating the changes in Noah. We are praying we can get insurance to realize that this is working for Noah and start paying for it. I know it's a shot in the dark but, it's worth a try. I've also been able to find a organization that may be able to help in the future. It's called United Health Organization. At this time they have no more grant money left for this year. So keep praying that this will work out.
As for our next ABR training in Aug. we are getting closer thanks to an Earth Angel (you know who you are...THANK YOU very much) We now have a little over $1000. I'm going to call the ABR center on Monday to see if we can apply our deposit we paid in Oct. to what we owe for Aug. We were to get it back when we completed 4 training sessions. If they will do that than we have a better chance at being able to go.
Until next time...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Noah and I ready for the fireworks to start.
Morgan and Jacob

Issiah and Madelyn

Emily and Tyler

Noah really enjoyed the fireworks this year. I could tell he was looking at them and he would even smile or jabber when he saw one he really liked.

These two were his favorite, they shot up like this about 5x in a row.

The Sheaffers

Monday, July 13, 2009

Shelby Bicycle Days Parade

On Saturday July 11th Shelby had their Annual Bicycle Days Parade. Noah,Issiah and Maddie had fun getting all the candy that was thrown at them.This was Morgan's last Bicycle Days Parade marching with SWB.
Emily playing her saxaphone

My friend Susan Metzger and her Mom driving a MTD product in the parade.
We weren't real sure if there was going to be a parade that day. There was quite a storm in the morning. But, it cleared up just in time.
The Sheaffers

Friday, July 10, 2009

Look what Noah did.....

I was feeding Noah his Lasanga through his tube and gave him a small taste. He licked my finger without gagging. After I finished giving him 2ozs. through his tube, I fed him the rest by mouth. He did really well. He even laughed while he was eating. He was so proud of himself.

The Sheaffers

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kings Island Trip

Grandma and Grandpa Bebow went to Kings Island with us. We had a fun spending time with them.

Morgan and Emily at Kings Island waiting for lunch.

We were sitting next to a ride and when the ride was finshing up a big gust of wind would go through. I got this picture just in time to catch the reaction of everyone.

This one of the rides Morgan and Emily went on. To be young again..... I think I would have gotten sick.

Morgan and Emily riding on the Mini Cooper ride.

This is the ride that would push the big gust of wind at us when it came back down.

I've been hoping I could catch Noah sticking his tongue out. I was going through our Kings Island pictures and I cam e across this one. Yeah!!!! Since ABR Noah has been sticking his tongue out past his lips. He has even started to stick it out after he sees us stick ours out. Now for him to blow rasberries.... I can't wait....

We went to Kings Island in July.. For the most part we had a great time. But, there isn't much for Noah to do there. The one ride he can go on (and loves) is the Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion. We got in line and was about to go on it and it broke down. It broke our hearts as well. The girls were so upset that now Noah couldn't ride his favorite ride. He did get to float around in the lazy river for over a hour. He has a really neat life jacket that he can be in the water pretty much on his own. It's so relaxing for him. We also went to all the shows. He loves music as well. Even though he didn't get to do much , Noah still had a fun day. Morgan and Emily went a some roller coasters and some other cool rides. They had a great time.
The Sheaffers

Not Sure......

At this point we aren't sure if we'll be able to afford going to Chicago in August for our next training session. We have about $500. We need about$1600 to pay for the training. That doesn't include our traveling and our stay. We have less than a month to come up with the rest. Most likely it won't happen. In fact I'm sure of it. It upsets me so much that we won't be able to continue with the one thing that is helping Noah so much right now. I'm hoping to continue to try and find ways to raise money so maybe we can go in November. I would love to be able to raise enough to get the machine as well. I also realize we are running out of ways to do that though. What's next? Where do we go from here? Why, when you have a special needs child you have to struggle to provide things for him to give him a better quality of life? I don't get it.....I know this sounds like alot of why me? I'm just really struggling right now..... I can see a better quality of life for Noah but, I can't reach out far enough to grab it. Why does life have to be so hard? I don't know what else to say.........


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Monster Vs. Aliens

Scott had the day off the other day. So we all went to see Monsters vs. Aliens at the dollar theatre. It was a fun family day together. Emily, Morgan and Noah getting ready to watch the movie. I love how Noah can now watch the movie in a regular movie seat.
Happy 4th of July everyone.
The Sheaffers