Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kings Island Trip

Grandma and Grandpa Bebow went to Kings Island with us. We had a fun spending time with them.

Morgan and Emily at Kings Island waiting for lunch.

We were sitting next to a ride and when the ride was finshing up a big gust of wind would go through. I got this picture just in time to catch the reaction of everyone.

This one of the rides Morgan and Emily went on. To be young again..... I think I would have gotten sick.

Morgan and Emily riding on the Mini Cooper ride.

This is the ride that would push the big gust of wind at us when it came back down.

I've been hoping I could catch Noah sticking his tongue out. I was going through our Kings Island pictures and I cam e across this one. Yeah!!!! Since ABR Noah has been sticking his tongue out past his lips. He has even started to stick it out after he sees us stick ours out. Now for him to blow rasberries.... I can't wait....

We went to Kings Island in July.. For the most part we had a great time. But, there isn't much for Noah to do there. The one ride he can go on (and loves) is the Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion. We got in line and was about to go on it and it broke down. It broke our hearts as well. The girls were so upset that now Noah couldn't ride his favorite ride. He did get to float around in the lazy river for over a hour. He has a really neat life jacket that he can be in the water pretty much on his own. It's so relaxing for him. We also went to all the shows. He loves music as well. Even though he didn't get to do much , Noah still had a fun day. Morgan and Emily went a some roller coasters and some other cool rides. They had a great time.
The Sheaffers

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