Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Morgan

Twenty five years ago you made me a Mom. You have grown into the most beautiful woman inside and out. I'm so very proud to call you my daughter. I thank God everyday for making you mine. 
This year has brought you extreme highs, like expecting our first grandchild and an extreme low when you lost your precious baby that was already loved by so many. Please know that we love you so very much and wish we could take all the pain away. I hope this next year brings you much joy and happiness.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

We had a great Christmas spent with family.

Noah and his Grandpa Bebow.
Great Grandpa with Madelyn, Ethan and Lillian.
The crazies love their Noah.
My Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve.

Scott's Mom enjoying her Christmas gift. Now she is already to get some yard work done.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Special Needs Mom Rock

 1. Because they never thought that "doing it all" would mean doing this much. But they do it all, and then some.
 2. Because they've discovered patience they never knew they had.
 3. Because they are willing to do something 10 times or 1,000 times if that's what it takes for their kids to learn something new.
 4. Because they have heard doctors tell them the worst, and th...ey've prayed for the best!!
 5. Because they have bad days and breakdowns and bawl fests, then they pick themselves up and keep right on going.
 6. Because they manage to get themselves together and out the door looking pretty darn good. Heck, they even make sweatpants look attractive.
 7. Because they are strong. Who knew they could be this strong?
 8. Because they aren't just moms, wives, cleaners, chauffeurs, cooks and women who work. They are also physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, teachers, nurses, researchers, coaches and cheerleaders.
 9. Because they understand their kids better than anyone else does - even if they can't talk or gesture or look them in the eye. They know. They just know.
 10. Because just when it seems like things are going "OK", they're suddenly not, but they deal. They deal even when it seems like their heads or hearts might explode.
 11. Because when they look at their kids they just see great kids. Not kids with cerebral palsy/autism/Down syndrome/ADHD/developmental delay/special needs!!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Through The Eyes of Hope

Take the time to check out this video on Youtube.  Click on the last sentence to watch it. It's an inspiring look into a the life of a special needs Mom and her beautiful baby.

About a month ago I was given the opportunity to preview Lacey Buchanan's book called Through The Eyes of Hope. Being a special needs Mom myself I found this book so inspiring. In this book Lacey talks about the struggle and joys of raising a child with special needs. I found myself at times in tears because  many things she has experienced and struggled with I have been there myself. Raising a special needs child is hard. It puts a strain on all relationships in your life. It's not easy to being everything to everybody. Over the last almost 19 years some relationships have taken a backseat and suffered. That is something that I regret but I hope they only get better from here. In reading Through The Eyes of Hope I was again reminded that I'm not alone and there is always Hope. 
On of my favorite passages of the book: "It's as if people sense something different and special when they get around Christian. They want to know more about him. I believe it is the Holy Spirit working through him. I can't explain the events that changed the course of our life any other way than this: Christian's life is a reflection of the God who created him, not a mistake to be hidden but a masterpiece to be seen."
I see the same thing through Noah.
I highly suggest seeking out this book even if you aren't a special needs parent. You won't regret it.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Go Shelby Whippet Basketball

I sometimes wonder when people look at Noah in a picture what they think. Take this photo for an example.... What do you see? pain? sadness? maybe even empathy?
I see a boy that is excited, happy, loved and overjoyed to be at his very first Whippet basketball game of the season. Go Shelby let's bring home the NOL this year.