Thursday, July 29, 2010

I love to see progress......

Last night after doing Noah's therapy I sat him up in front of me and he actually did quite well holding his head up. He held his head for the longest time. What was he watching you ask?
The Cleveland Indians of course. He does his best work watching the Indians. Even though they're in last place he still loves watching them.

Then Scott asked him to look at Daddy....... he turned his head to look right at him.

I was needing some motivation to get me to work harder at Noah's therapy, this definitely helped. I'm still working on finding a grant to pay for ABR. I didn't have much luck today. I have all the necessary letters I needed but I have had a hard time finding the right grant. One grant only paid for things in the USA and would only help if the applicant had personal insurance. With Scott working a temporary job we only have Medicad for the kids. Another won't be available until possibly Jan. of 2011. I'm getting really discouraged. We were supposed to go for more training the end of August. We don't have enough money, so we're hoping to find a grant so we could attend in November. Its hard to stay motivated when we're not even sure if we can keep affording the training. I guess all I can keep doing is putting it in God's hands and hope for the best.
Is there anyone out there that can help with finding a grant that will pay for Noah's ABR therapy? We don't want to stop something that is working so well for him.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 6,7,8.9......

It was every ones intentions to get everything done in 5days. But with all the snags along the way, everything didn't get done. So, Ray, Scott C. and Tom worked extra days to get it all done. I would like to thank them for all their hard work. You have made my life so much easier. Thank you so much everything. You are truly a blessing from God.


Friday, July 16, 2010

The Big Reveal.......

This is our house after all the scraping, roofing, painting and a new ramp.
Our new 1/2 bath.

The Civitan group in Shelby built Noah a new ramp. This is his first ride down.

This is a wind chime Scott got from his co-workers at Herald Printing after his Dad past away. It has the Lord's Prayer all over it. The coolest thing about it is...... the last coherent thing Scott's Dad said was the Lord's Prayer. Scott's co-workers didn't know that. How cool is that.
As soon as the porch was done, Scott hung the wind chime outside for the first time. On Noah's way up the ramp I helped him ring it. I told Noah that his Grandpa was talking to him. Noah grinned from ear to ear.

The best part of all........ Noah's first shower.

When Gaye approached me about having the kids do their mission week at our house this year, I thought to myself ...... there other people more deserving than my family. Why would someone choose to help us and instead of someone else? Now that it is all done I'm so grateful they
they did choose us to help. We are now able to enjoy our front porch. Just the other day our neighbors commented that they have seen Noah more in the last few weeks than they've seen him in along time. It's just so much easier taking him outside. The new 1/2 bath is wonderful. No more leakie roof. The best part is the shower........ Noah just loves being able to get really clean. I can tell he really enjoys his new shower because he makes very loud happy sounds when I'm taking him in to get a shower. Now I'm trying to be really patient in waiting for his new bath chair on wheels.......... I just got a phone call from Caring Solutions telling me that it was finally approved. They'll order it on Monday. I can't wait!!!! I will then be able to give him a shower by myself and I won't have to carry him in and out.
We would like to thank everyone who helped out during "Noah's House" Mission. It was great getting to work beside you and getting to know everyone a little bit better. You are truly part of Noah's Earth Angel Army.

Day 5..... Painting, Painting and more Painting

Gaye painting the porch....... Gaye (with the help of Doris)was one that organized the mission event at our house. We are so grateful for everything she has done to help our family. We love you Gaye. Thanks so much....

Emma painting the porch as well.
The kids worked so hard this week. I'm surprised we didn't find more of them taking a power nap.

I defintley was ready for my laundry room to be finished. The dirty laundry was starting to pile up.

Chloe. Alyssa and Emily painted the new 1/2 bath

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 4 Fun and frustration

Day 4.......
All the kids except Scott went horseback riding. Scott and Ray stayed at our house hoping to get a lot done........ They started out the day by making a list of things they needed from Home Depot and they took off on their shopping spree. Five hours later they returned. On their way home from shopping they lost some of their supplies out the back and then Ray slammed on his brakes and more flew out the front. Ray was very good about keeping his cool all week but, I'm sure Scott heard a few choice words that afternoon. They were able to salvage most of it. Part of the shower walls became wainscoting in the new 1/2 bath. They were able to get the shower room walled in.

Steve and Jodie came and worked on the porch roof.

All the kids enjoyed a much deserved day of fun and a night at the Kolb's Kabin making pot iron pizzas and roasted marshmallows.

Day 3.....Destruction, repairing, weeding, replanting, roofing and more scraping

If the kids weren't scraping they were pulling weeds in our yard, the church lawn and the neighbor ladies lawn as well.

Even more scraping being done.

Scott and Ray removing the window from the shower room.

Patrick and Mr. Yeager helped repair the porch pillars.

Pastor Conner came and helped with the porch roof. He didn't look very comfortable on the ladder but, he did a great job.

Dick and and Cal working on the porch roof.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 2.... roofing,gutting, scraping and power washing

Stacey,Zack andBrett scraping the porch.
Emily,Alyssa, Spencer,Brett, Nate,Chloe, Morgan and Emma scraping the porch. While Cal was power washing.

More scraping I believe Morgan said that between the 2 days they scraped, for 8hrs. Now thats alot of scraping. Thank you for all your hard work everyone.

Dick and Cal doing a great job on the porch roof.

Stacey and Nate working on gutting the old bathroom.

We ended up calling the old bathroom the horse barn after it was all gutted.

Cal,Emma, Spencer and Nate took turns power washing the front porch.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 1- Washing, plumbing and wiring

Every job needs a supervisor. Noah made a great one.

Morgan, Chloe, Alyssa and Cal washing the siding.

Scott helping Ray with the wiring and plumbing.

The first day of the mission week the kids washed down walls in our back room/Noah's room. They also washed the siding on the front porch. Ray and Scott rewired and replumbed the bottom 1/2 of the house. It was a great start to the week.

Before the madness began.......

This our house before the kids came last Monday.

This is the 1/2 bath/laundry room....... soon to be a shower room for Noah.
This is where we are going to put our washer and dryer. All the kids washed down my walls and moved everything to get started.
This is the closet that will soon be our 1/2 bath.
Check back for pictures of the kids and adults in action and after photos soon.