Thursday, August 25, 2016

Noah is Here Cheering You On

As another school year has started, I've seen all the first day of school pictures showing up on Facebook.Noah's classmates are starting a new chapter in their lives as well. Some are going off to college, starting jobs and maybe even joining a branch of service. Noah had is first day back at SHS. He enjoys going and I get a much needed break.
To all Noah's classmates near and far remember Noah is back home cheering you on. You can do anything you set your minds to.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Our 6th Noah/Kehres Day

I look back on the last 6 months and realize how far Scott and I have come as a couple. A lot has to do with our opportunity to get out and spend some time together, just the two of us. It;s been a great six months going on little dates with each other again.
It was a beautiful day for a picnic lunch at the lake.
Noah had fun with his new friend Collin at the Kehres'. Scott and I are so blessed to have someone that we can trust to take care of Noah while we spend time together. Even though it still feels weird to not have Noah with us, it's something we look forward to every month.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Kleman's Barber Shop

 For as long as I can remember Noah has been going to Kleman's Barber Shop for a haircut. John and Jason never let us pay for a haircut. With all the extra medical stuff we have with Noah, it's nice to know we don't have to worry about paying for a haircut. It's the little things that mean so much to us. I love living in our little town of Shelby, it is filled with so many Earth Angels.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Take Me Out To the Ballgame

 When a person graduates from high school they usually use their graduation money to buy things for college. With Noah we wanted to do something with him that he would love to do, to celebrate him being such a great kid and an inspiration to so many.
We decided to take him to an Indians game. It's been 3years since we were able to go. Why do handicap seats have to be so expensive?
Noah loves watching the Indians play.
We got to watch Jim Thome get inducted into the Cleveland Indians Hall of Fame. His 13 year old daughter, Lila sang the national anthem. She did an amazing job. 

Noah received a Tribe Town towel. He had fun waving it when the Indians got a good hit or a run.

It was fun watching Noah enjoy watching the game.

The Indians beat Oakland 6-3!!!!
The fireworks after the game were amazing!!!
Thank you to everyone that helped us celebrate Noah. We couldn't travel this road without all of you.