Saturday, July 30, 2011

Noah has been busy....

We have been really busy this summer. Here are a few pictures of our summer. I tried to upload a few more pictures but blogger wouldn't let me. DRAT!!!
We helped Ethan celebrate his 1st. birthday.

We went to Kings Island. It sure was hot that day but we enjoyed spending time with Grandma Sheaffer.
Noah got chased by a T-Rex while walking through the dinosaur park at Kings Island.
We went to Monster Bash in Butler PA.
We helped Brad celebrate his 20th birthday.

We watched fireworks at Charles Mill.
We went camping with family.
Noah and I went for bike rides in his bike trailer someone was kind enough to give us.
Noah has had quite the busy summer. I can't believe its almost time for school to start and we still have more swimming to do.