Thursday, May 28, 2015

Learning Diversity

Noah's class has a wide range of disabilities. From a learning disability to kids like Noah.There is a young man in Noah's class that sees Noah as a good friend. He even helped push Noah up and down the paths through Camp Mowana. Last week I got a text from Emily, it included pictures of Noah and his friend. Noah's friend stepped into help him make ice cream, without being asked. Thanks Justin for being a great friend.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Camp Mowana

When I was young I went to a church camp called Camp Mowana. I would go one week every summer. It was something I always looked forward to. When I had kids I was excited to share my love of Camp Mowana with them. My girls both loved going as well. Emily is now working her 3rd summer as a camp counselor there. 
I've always wanted to find a way for Noah to experience it there some how.
A few weeks ago Noah's class went on a field trip to Camp Mowana.
With the help of his teacher Ms. Zack, we took Noah up and down the trails.
It was ruff at times but he went everywhere his class went. If it wasn't for his Convaid Cruiser stroller he wouldn't have been able to go anywhere. We were even able to take Noah to Flemmings  Falls. It felt so good to be able to share the falls with Noah. I hadn't seen the falls myself since I was a senior in high school.
Thank you to Noah's Earth Angels that helped in the purchase of his stroller. This day wouldn't have been possible without it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Camp With The Champs

A couple of Saturdays ago, Noah participated in Camp With The Champs. It was a football camp with some former Ohio State Buckeyes. Noah even got to have fun with Big Nut. If you look close enough Noah stuck out his tongue.
Nate Oliver,Jamie Wood, Solomon Thomas and Adam Griffin were great to listen to.
All four of them had some inspiring things to say to the kids.

Adam Griffin was happy to pose with Noah for a picture. We told him that Noah's big sister Morgan was going to graduate with him at The Shoe. A long with 11,038 other students.
I asked Nate Oliver for a picture and he invited Adam to take a picture with them. Adam said he already got one and I told him that tiy can never have to many pictures Noah. He laughed and said< " That's for sure"
There was even a surprise visit from Ezekiel Elliot. 
I asked Jamie Wood for a picture and he said he would be honored. He said he wanted one too, as he  handed me his phone so I could take a picture of him and Noah. It's great to see people who "get it."

Emily Tweeted the above picture of Jamie, Ezekiel  and Noah. It got 40 retweeets and 229 favorites. Emily even got this reply  from someone. She ended up turning off her notifications because her phone wouldn't stop going nuts during Morgan's graduation. Haha

Thank you Loretta for letting Noah be a part of such fun experience. He had an awesome day. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

We Are So Proud of You

On Sunday our amazing daughter, Morgan graduated from OSU. I'm so proud of her.She has always wanted to be a teacher. Four years ago there was some people that felt she had made the wrong decision and even disappointed that she left  Capitol University chose to go to  OSU Mansfield instead.   In the process of starting at OSU, she got married to her sweetheart, had a job and they bought a house together.. She continued to work hard and follow here dream of being a teacher and she did it with honors.  I hope those same people are looking at her now and see the amazing job she has done and know she made the right decision for her.
Noah and I were lucky enough to have our seats right where Morgan walked by to go to her seat and then when she walked by to get her degree out on the field.
I love to see the love of their brother in my girls.

Brad's family have a always been a great support team for Morgan. She got pretty lucky with great in laws.
The day wouldn't be complete without our sibling kissing picture. Noah loves his big sisters.

It was great having Morgan's grandparents at the graduation reception at OSU Mansfield last Thursday.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

ABR Machine and Other Changes

You may have seen or heard me talk about the ABR machine. Here is what it looks like.
One week we wrap Noah's legs with the bladders.
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They are hooked to the machine that runs all night, doing an ABR technique all night.  while he is sleeping.
It may look like its uncomfortable to you, Noah actually sleeps better while using the machine.
This is the difference a year makes using the machine on his legs. His legs are still pretty skinny but look a lot better and his knees don't look so knobby.
The opposite weeks the last six months Noah gets the bladders on his hips, lower back and his chest. I don't have any pictures showing the results but I do have pictures showing his back. Not sure if they really show what I've been seeing lately but I guess you can still see some change. What do you think?