Monday, May 11, 2015

We Are So Proud of You

On Sunday our amazing daughter, Morgan graduated from OSU. I'm so proud of her.She has always wanted to be a teacher. Four years ago there was some people that felt she had made the wrong decision and even disappointed that she left  Capitol University chose to go to  OSU Mansfield instead.   In the process of starting at OSU, she got married to her sweetheart, had a job and they bought a house together.. She continued to work hard and follow here dream of being a teacher and she did it with honors.  I hope those same people are looking at her now and see the amazing job she has done and know she made the right decision for her.
Noah and I were lucky enough to have our seats right where Morgan walked by to go to her seat and then when she walked by to get her degree out on the field.
I love to see the love of their brother in my girls.

Brad's family have a always been a great support team for Morgan. She got pretty lucky with great in laws.
The day wouldn't be complete without our sibling kissing picture. Noah loves his big sisters.

It was great having Morgan's grandparents at the graduation reception at OSU Mansfield last Thursday.

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