Tuesday, May 5, 2015

ABR Machine and Other Changes

You may have seen or heard me talk about the ABR machine. Here is what it looks like.
One week we wrap Noah's legs with the bladders.
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They are hooked to the machine that runs all night, doing an ABR technique all night.  while he is sleeping.
It may look like its uncomfortable to you, Noah actually sleeps better while using the machine.
This is the difference a year makes using the machine on his legs. His legs are still pretty skinny but look a lot better and his knees don't look so knobby.
The opposite weeks the last six months Noah gets the bladders on his hips, lower back and his chest. I don't have any pictures showing the results but I do have pictures showing his back. Not sure if they really show what I've been seeing lately but I guess you can still see some change. What do you think?

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