Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Sweet 16 Emily

Happy Sweet "16" Emily
Emily, I can't believe that you turned 16 today. You're growing up to be such a sweet,kind and mature young lady. I'm so glad that God chose me to be your Mom. I'm so proud of you.
Love, Mom

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Benefit was a Success

Noah was a little out of sorts on Sunday during the benefit. He is such a creature of habit that anything out of the ordinary sets him off. He did although enjoy seeing everyone.

Jackie Davies (the one in the middle) offered to take care of all the food. That was such a help. Thank you so much Jackie. Thanks for being one of Noah's earth angels.

Morgan, Jackie, Linda, Gaye and Gail (Mom Dahn) did a great job singing.

Paul, Dave and Scott did a great job playing the music. Scott sang He's My Son. Always a tear jerker.

This is kinda dark but even little McCray played his guitar.

Morgan and her friend Ashlee.

Abby and Emily...thanks for taking care of the silent auction. You did a great job.

Debbie, Sandy, Maddie and Mom. Maddie ate so many black olives, I'm sure she was going to burst.

Aunt Janet, Mom Sheaffer, Tara and Paul enjoying the music.

Susan and her Mom came, it was good to see them.

I'm so glad my cousins Kim and Doug Klotz came it was so good to see them.

Noah's teacher Mrs. McClish and her daughter Julie came as well.

My cousin LuAnn, Aunt Joanne and Uncle Louie surprised me as well. It was good to see them.

When the snow storm hit us this last weekend, I was almost certain that we wouldn't get a good turn out for the benefit. But, God provided and we raised enough money to attend our next training session in Chicago. We leave a week from tomorrow. We're so excited to be able to learn our new exercises. Thanks for everyone that has helped us. Whether it was by prayers, donations or time. Thank you so much!!!!!!!