Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cochlear Implant Activation

On Tuesday. Sept 23rd. we had an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic to have Noah's cochlear implant activated. It was a much anticipated day. We went into hoping to see an awesome response from Noah, indicating he could hear. They put the processor and coil on and hooked it up to the computer to program it.  During this process and beyond I replaced the processor and coil it seemed every 2 seconds. It was very frustrating. I was almost in tears thinking that we put Noah through implant surgery and took what little he could hear away from for nothing. They finally got it programmed  and turned him on. We did get a bit of a response but nothing you could catch on video because we were still continuing to replace everything on his head. So there was a lot of in out of hearing for him.Not an ideal situation to get a good response from Noah. It was  very disappointing  to say the least. 
On the way home we stopped at Walmart to find anything that might help keep it on. I picked up a hair band and two sided tape. The hair band spun around and didn't hold the coil in place. The two sided tape worked ok but not great. Then of all things I used some Batman duct tape. It held the coil in place even while Noah rolled on the floor. Shortly after we got home, Emily got home from work and had bought him a new book. To see the joy on his face as she read to him was priceless. Then we tried the video again and we finally got the response we were hoping for. We have since gotten some toupee tape and it works wonders. No more duct tape needed.
On Wednesday, Sept. 24th we went back to the Cleveland Clinic to have his processor tweeked a bit. When we got there they hooked up his processor to the computer so they could check it out internally. This where they check out the wires and nerves they are connected to. During this process Noah started to make his upset sound over and over. We then realized that he was getting upset because during this process they had shut off his hearing. Did you read that right? He was mad because he couldn't hear!!!! How awesome is that? When they were done programming his processor, they turned Noah's hearing back on and he jumped and squeezed my finger. It brought tears to my eyes. My little man can hear!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Shriners Picnic 2014

Noah's class went to the Richland County fairgrounds for the annual shriner's picnic. It's a fun time with horse and buggy rides, horse back riding and lots more.

They didn't bring the horse that Noah could ride on with someone else, so he just got to sit on one. It was a real bummer. It is what it is I guess. :(
It was a beautiful day to be outside.
After lunch the kids danced to music played by Ed Gutchall . Looking at this picture I don't have to see Noah's face to know he is smiling. He loves Miss Hartings
Just 5 more days and Noah will be able to hear music again. Noah enjoyed feeling the music on the speaker stand.                                                                                                                                                                                           I just love his smile.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What A Week

On Thursday August 26th my Dad was life flighted to Riverside in Columbus Ohio. He had lost over half his blood due to a bleeding ulcer.
My amazing Mom sat by his side for days. She sure is an awesome caregiver to my Dad. My siblings and I talked her into going home for the night to sleep in her own bed. I had the pleasure of spending the night with my Dad in his ICU room.
After a week in ICU Dad was transferred to a regular room. 

He spent 3 days in step down and then was finally transferred back to Shelby.
Due to Crestwood being full he is at Shelby Pointe receiving therapy to regain his strength.
He was so happy to finally see his little Lady again.
Keep working hard Dad, you'll be home in no time.
Through all of this I've been so proud of Noah. Starting with when I went to New York City and now dealing with my Dad, Noah hasn't made himself sick at all. He's been a trooper through it all an has come along way. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Go Whippets!!!

Noah had a pretty good first week of school. On Friday it was perfect night to watch some high school football. 

Can't wait until he can hear the band and peope cheering.
Noah and our team mascot, Whippet. 
Go Shelby!!!!!!