Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Rabold Park

We were so excited to see a swing for Noah at Rabold Park.
Noah giving his sweet nephew a kiss.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Being Called to Serve

A little less then a year ago, I was a being to called to go on a mission trip to Guatemala. Yes it was something I had always wanted to do but, I kept coming up with excuses why I couldn't go. It wasn't the right time, Noah needed me. The reasons kept coming but something kept telling me you need to go, this is your time. So the planning began.
The last couple of months I again second guessed the idea of me going. Especially when Noah was life flighted for the second time in 3 months and we were very close to losing him the second time. How could I leave him? I've prayed about it and again it feels like it's my time to do go. Noah is feeling the best he has in months and Scott is taking his last 3 vacation days and 2 flma days to stay home with Noah and we got some anxiety medicine for Noah in case he needs it while I'm gone. I also have been talking to Noah about me leaving with pictures.
In one day Mommy is leaving on an airplane.
Mommy is going a Mission trip to Guatemala. 

Mommy is hoping to meet the little guy we sponsor.
Noah I need you to do me a favor and take care of Daddy for me. Can you do that?  He answers with a big grin and a yes.

Please do me a huge favor and please keep our mission team in your prayers and by all means please pray that Noah does well while I'm gone.