Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Camp With The Champs

A couple of Saturdays ago, Noah participated in Camp With The Champs. It was a football camp with some former Ohio State Buckeyes. Noah even got to have fun with Big Nut. If you look close enough Noah stuck out his tongue.
Nate Oliver,Jamie Wood, Solomon Thomas and Adam Griffin were great to listen to.
All four of them had some inspiring things to say to the kids.

Adam Griffin was happy to pose with Noah for a picture. We told him that Noah's big sister Morgan was going to graduate with him at The Shoe. A long with 11,038 other students.
I asked Nate Oliver for a picture and he invited Adam to take a picture with them. Adam said he already got one and I told him that tiy can never have to many pictures Noah. He laughed and said< " That's for sure"
There was even a surprise visit from Ezekiel Elliot. 
I asked Jamie Wood for a picture and he said he would be honored. He said he wanted one too, as he  handed me his phone so I could take a picture of him and Noah. It's great to see people who "get it."

Emily Tweeted the above picture of Jamie, Ezekiel  and Noah. It got 40 retweeets and 229 favorites. Emily even got this reply  from someone. She ended up turning off her notifications because her phone wouldn't stop going nuts during Morgan's graduation. Haha

Thank you Loretta for letting Noah be a part of such fun experience. He had an awesome day. 

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