Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 4 Fun and frustration

Day 4.......
All the kids except Scott went horseback riding. Scott and Ray stayed at our house hoping to get a lot done........ They started out the day by making a list of things they needed from Home Depot and they took off on their shopping spree. Five hours later they returned. On their way home from shopping they lost some of their supplies out the back and then Ray slammed on his brakes and more flew out the front. Ray was very good about keeping his cool all week but, I'm sure Scott heard a few choice words that afternoon. They were able to salvage most of it. Part of the shower walls became wainscoting in the new 1/2 bath. They were able to get the shower room walled in.

Steve and Jodie came and worked on the porch roof.

All the kids enjoyed a much deserved day of fun and a night at the Kolb's Kabin making pot iron pizzas and roasted marshmallows.

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