Friday, July 16, 2010

The Big Reveal.......

This is our house after all the scraping, roofing, painting and a new ramp.
Our new 1/2 bath.

The Civitan group in Shelby built Noah a new ramp. This is his first ride down.

This is a wind chime Scott got from his co-workers at Herald Printing after his Dad past away. It has the Lord's Prayer all over it. The coolest thing about it is...... the last coherent thing Scott's Dad said was the Lord's Prayer. Scott's co-workers didn't know that. How cool is that.
As soon as the porch was done, Scott hung the wind chime outside for the first time. On Noah's way up the ramp I helped him ring it. I told Noah that his Grandpa was talking to him. Noah grinned from ear to ear.

The best part of all........ Noah's first shower.

When Gaye approached me about having the kids do their mission week at our house this year, I thought to myself ...... there other people more deserving than my family. Why would someone choose to help us and instead of someone else? Now that it is all done I'm so grateful they
they did choose us to help. We are now able to enjoy our front porch. Just the other day our neighbors commented that they have seen Noah more in the last few weeks than they've seen him in along time. It's just so much easier taking him outside. The new 1/2 bath is wonderful. No more leakie roof. The best part is the shower........ Noah just loves being able to get really clean. I can tell he really enjoys his new shower because he makes very loud happy sounds when I'm taking him in to get a shower. Now I'm trying to be really patient in waiting for his new bath chair on wheels.......... I just got a phone call from Caring Solutions telling me that it was finally approved. They'll order it on Monday. I can't wait!!!! I will then be able to give him a shower by myself and I won't have to carry him in and out.
We would like to thank everyone who helped out during "Noah's House" Mission. It was great getting to work beside you and getting to know everyone a little bit better. You are truly part of Noah's Earth Angel Army.

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