Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wonderful News and a Update

Praise God!!!!!! Thanks again to some more earth angels...... We'll be traveling to Chicago next weekend for our next ABR training. I had given up hope that it would happen. We needed the money by Monday. A dear friend from our church stopped by with an envelope of money enough to cover the rest of the training. Several church members had donated money to make it happen. We are so grateful for our church family. Below are some before an after pictures of Noah:

Fall 2008 Spring 2009

In the Fall of 2008(pictures on the left) Noah's shoulder girdle instability and misalignment makes support on the elbows impossible and it doesn't provide a sufficent platform of support for the body.

In the Spring of 2009(pictures on the right) Noah exhibits much better shoulder girdle stability which results in the significant improvementof the short arm position. Further, the strengthening of the anterior neck and reduction in conflict between the shoulder blade and neck have contributed to the intial emergence of improving head control.

Thanks again to all of Noah's Earth Angels....... We Love You!!!!!!!

Time to pack for Chicgao!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!

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