Saturday, July 18, 2009

Renewed Hope

Noah has been wonderful. Hopefully he doesn't read this and prove me otherwise. The picture above is Noah sitting in his chair. As you can see his hands are together in his lap. He'll even pick up his arms like this as well. If you haven't been around a special needs child you may not know how big an accomplishment this is. Noah couldn't do this before.
We recently asked for a letter from the ABR center stating the changes in Noah. We are praying we can get insurance to realize that this is working for Noah and start paying for it. I know it's a shot in the dark but, it's worth a try. I've also been able to find a organization that may be able to help in the future. It's called United Health Organization. At this time they have no more grant money left for this year. So keep praying that this will work out.
As for our next ABR training in Aug. we are getting closer thanks to an Earth Angel (you know who you are...THANK YOU very much) We now have a little over $1000. I'm going to call the ABR center on Monday to see if we can apply our deposit we paid in Oct. to what we owe for Aug. We were to get it back when we completed 4 training sessions. If they will do that than we have a better chance at being able to go.
Until next time...

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