Monday, June 9, 2014

What a Fun Weekend

Noah had another great game on Thursday last week.
On Friday we went to the Columbus Zoo for Dreamnight at the Zoo. We had a great time. This is Noah inside an airplane where you can look out and see the lions.
Issiah (Noah's cousin) got to ride a camel. Unfortunately Noah couldn't ride it because he is unable to sit and hold on.,

Noah got to feed a giraffe. He really enjoyed it.

He made his happy noises when the giraffe licked him.

Issiah enjoyed riding all the rides. I then told him we needed to go do something that Noah could do. Issiah then said, "Does Noah like the aquarium?" I said, "Yes he does, Let's go then."

I think Noah could sit and watch the fish swim for along time.

Issiah was a big help to me while we were at the zoo. Noah and Issiah are very close and Issiah is very protective of Noah
                                                                          On Saturday we went to Tristan Kerhes' graduation party. We thanked him for always making Noah feel like one of the guys. Tristan's reply was, " That's because he is"
What a great guy!!!!!

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