Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hearing Test Tomorrow

 Last Monday, Noah had a swallowing study done.  His school requested to have it done in order for them to continue to feed him by mouth.

 Unfortunately they said they wouldn't recommend it. The therapist who did it believed Noah doesn't even enjoy eating by mouth.  He did so well over the summer with no sickness and he would even make mmm sounds when he really enjoyed eating something like his root beer float. What do they know anyway. We have decided when he gets over his cold completely we are going to continue feeding him by mouth and have them continue feeding him by g-tube at school. 

 Noah also had a check up with his pulminologist to clear him for a hearing test tomorrow. They are going to put him to sleep and check his hearing. Noah received hearing aides when he was 3 years old. They were not a good fit for him.  There was always a lot of feed back and there were wires from each ear to a small box. He would constantly pull them out.  If he still needs hearing aides, hopefully with new technology we can find something that will work better.
Please keep him in your prayers tomorrow. I know its just a hearing test but, they are still putting him to sleep. It always makes be a bit nervous.
 After his appointments we always stop at the Strongsville Mall.
Noah picked out a cool baseball bracelet and some Shrinky Dinks at the Indian's store.
 Then Emily took him shoe shopping.  He thought the leopard shoes were hilarious.
 He was not impressed with the rainbow knee tennis shoes.  He did find some Perry the Platypus slip on shoes that he just had to have so, Emily bought them for him.
 We checked out some Halloween costumes at Deb's.  He thought the witches hat was just too funny.
The purple wig was just  hilarious.
We always stop at the mall on the way home to give Noah the time to have some fun after a stressful day at the clinic.  One time I didn't take the time and he eneded up making himself sick and had a 103 fever by the time I got home. Since then I always make time to stop on the way home.


Phil Dzialo said...

Sue, if the test you referred to was a modified barium swallow with flouroscope and it showed no aspiration into the lungs, Noah is set to go. You also sad he ate well all summer without any aspiration. If you want Noah fed at school, it's your right unless the school can prove he will aspirate. Get a Dr.'s note and have it put into the IEP. For schools, the issue is always liability and convenience, not the student.
How can their therapists say he doesn't like to eat by mouth. Trust your mother heart and instinct, fight for what Noah needs or they will play the game forever.

Susan said...

During the swallow test Noah would tip his head back and would start to aspirate and didn't start to cough as quickly as they thought he should. That is why they said they wouldn't recomend it. He didn't aspirate completely but they put on his file NPO. So, the school won't feed him by mouth.