Sunday, July 23, 2017

OSU Basketball Day

Finally a fun day after all the appointments this month.
Noah really enjoys watching the boys shoot around.

Micah Potter took the time to say Hi to Noah and he remembered him from last year. He said all the boys are adjusting to the change in coaching and they are getting ready for a great season that starts in 70 days.

I'm sure you noticed that Bindi wasn't in any of the pictures Scott posted yesterday. We decided to give Bindi the day off. It was actually nice getting a break from her. She does a wonderful job keeping Noah less anxious and she sure does look cute on his lap but she struggles sometimes. She can be skittish and also gives Noah a lap dance when we are going from one thing to the next. This is why I was asking about  a trainer a few weeks ago. I have never really trained a dog before and had actually thought Bindi would come to us fully trained. I've been working with her on my own. She is doing much better then when we first got her but still has some work to do. 
   Bindi sure was glad to see Noah when we got home last night, she didn't want  to leave his side.                                                                Noah was happy to see her too.

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