Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Another Day Another Appoinment

Today Noah's appointment was with his gastroenterologist Dr. Kaplan and his nutritionist. This appointment always stresses me out. Over the years I have always done what I felt that was best for Noah, such as the blenderized diet rather then giving him the loaded done sugared formula. In the beginning they felt it was the worst thing I could do for him even though he was the healthiest he had ever been. Over time they have come around but in the process I have felt like I was under their thumb. Noah has been seen every six months and had to have blood work done every time to see what his nutrtion levels were. Every time his numbers got better and better.
He is doing so well that finally they are confident enough in me that they don't want to see him again until a year. It has taken 6 years maybe more I can't remember.... I can feel like I can breath.... We were told Noah is most likely done growing and the main goal now is to keep him stable.
Forever our peanut at 71lbs and 4ft. 9 1/4in. tall.
Bindi has been working on be down and staying while off of Noah's lap. She doesn't look  happy about it but has been doing much better.

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