Monday, October 4, 2010

Second Coolest Thing On Wheels

On Saturday our church was having a Fall Festival and Car Show. We donated money for an award to be given to a car owner that Noah had picked. Scott and Noah looked at all the cars. There were lots of cool cars but they decided that this one:
Was the Second Coolest Thing On Wheels....

Cause, Noah is The Coolest Thing On Wheels. Don't you think.....
It is a 1940 Buick 5-passenger four-door Touring Sedan
248 cu. in, 107 hp. Straight Eight Motor
16.5 mpg at 50 mph
70 minimum octane gasoline
Owners: Don and Joann Bishop

Noah was fighting a cold, so he had fallen asleep before it was time to hand out the award.
Here is the very proud owner excepting his award.

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twyla devito said...

love it! that was a very cool story and pics, and noah IS the coolest thing on wheels! hugs and kisses to him, tell him paige said hi and she misses him