Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Really struggling.......

Lately I've been really struggling...... I love what ABR has done for Noah. He has come along way in 2 years. He has gained 20lbs., better head control and he is able to fight off a cold without it going into his lungs. I want to continue with ABR but its been hard finding the money to continue going to the training sessions. I've been struggling with the idea of why bother if we can't continue with going to the training sessions every 6 months. Last Friday I brought the therapy table out to the living room..... that way I can do therapy and still be with everyone else. Noah can also see the movie we are watching on the big TV. Before we used a small portable DVD player. Noah had trouble seeing the movie and then would fight against what I was doing because he was tired of laying still with nothing to do. So far its been going a lot better. It has really helped my motivation. I pray that something will open up for us soon and we can attend the next ABR training in February.

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