Thursday, October 14, 2010

Enjoying the fall weather.......

I've been so proud of our Emily lately. She has really come out of her shell and has really blossomed. She made flag corps this year. She recently tried out for the school play, show choir and Melloettes. She has made all three. Good Job Emily!!!!!

Noah loves going to the football games and watching his big sister in the band.

A few weeks ago the Alumni Band members joined the SHS band on the field at halftime.The gentlemen in the red shirt in the middle of the picture was a Shelby High School bamd member from 1968-1971. He is blind and he has marched in the SHS band as well as The OSU marching band. He has never let his lack of sight stop him from doing the things he has wanted to do.

Great job Mom Dahn. You looked awesome.

Brian Crum did a great job! It looked as if you never left the SHS Band.

Diana, thanks for being a teacher that cares about your students.

This game was the last game for Noah. It has gotten too cold for Noah to be outside for too long. I"m so excited he just worked himself through a cold with out antibiotics. Yeah!!!!!! He now weighs 63lbs. That just feels so weird to say....... he has been in the 40's for 4 years. Its great to see him filling out. But, oh my......... he is ssoooo heavy.

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