Thursday, October 21, 2010

Morgan is home again.....

When Morgan left for college we had to learn a new normal. Things would never be the same...I was so excited the first weekend she came home. But, I had to learn how to appreciate the time I got to spend with her and not get upset with the time she spent with others. It took alot but I can now enjoy the time I do get with her. She is such a mature young lady with great morals and values. I don't have to worry about her making the right choices. She has met a nice young man that has the same morals and values as well. They are going to do great things together.

He treats her how I want my daughter to be treated. He makes her feel so special and I know when he wakes each morning he thinks of Morgan. His Mom and Dad did a great job raising a fine young man. Morgan is so lucky to have found him.

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