Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our day at the Cleveland Clinic

Yesterday we spent the day at the Cleveland Clinic. First off Noah was weighed. He now weighs 66lbs. A few months ago I was thinking Noah would never grow. Here we are 6months later and 21lbs. heavier. He has gone from a size 8 to a size 12. If he keeps growing at this rate we'll need to go up a size again. We haven't had to buy clothes Noah for in 5 years. Its so nice not being so stressed when he gets sick. He now has meat on his bones and I'm not too afraid if he would lose some weight .
Speaking of Noah getting sick, brings me to the real reason we went to the Cleveland Clinic. For the last 6 months Noah has been sick a lot. With no real reason why. Yesterday he had a check up with his pulmonologist. With a lot of questions being asked she suggested that Noah's nissan (wrapping of his stomach around his esophagus so he can't reflux and aspirate) may have come loose and causing him to have silent reflux again. Which may be causing him to get sick. Next Wednesday he is going to have a test done to see if the nissan has come loose. I'm not wishing another surgery for Noah but, if we can help him out by not getting sick all the time. I'm all for it. Keep him in your prayers that we can find the reason he has been sick so often lately.

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