Tuesday, January 31, 2017

ABR Training 2017

Noah loves getting out of the house even when he is traveling to Canada for ABR training. Although he would like it a lot better if we were able to bring his bed with us too, because he sure doesn't sleep well when he is in a hotel.

Our evaluation went really well. I do a blog post about it when I get and it via email.
The next six months we are going to be working a lot on his chest/lungs, head control and remapping his brain to realize his does have hands and feet.  The new techniques have brought amazing results in these areas. I'm really anxious to see what the next 6 months will bring.  
Noah and I were glad that Daddy/ Scott could join us this time. It had been 5 years that Scott has been able to go with us.
We spent our free day on Saturday to see the city. We found a really nice mall, of all things one of the stores in the mall was a Walmart. We were able to find a chair/stool that will aide in doing the therapy more comfortably for me there.
The best part of training this time was seeing our trainer Gavin. It has been five years since he has seen Noah. He had left ABR and has now returned. It was so good to seem him. When I look at the difference in Noah, I see how alert he looks and how much stronger he looks. In the 2017 picture Noah is looking at Gavin like yeah buddy where have you been. :) 

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