Saturday, January 28, 2017

Happy 19th. Birthday Noah!!!

Happy 19th birthday sweet Noah. It's hard to believe you are 19 years old today. Some days the road has seemed so long but other days it seems that years have flown by. You have taught me so much. I'm a lot stronger person then I ever thought possible. I'm  more passionate then I would have been without you in my life. Because of you I'm a better person. I'm so glad that God chose me to be your Mom. Do I want things easier for you?  Absolutely.... but I really wouldn't want you any other way and then you wouldn't be the Noah we know and love. You have made me who I am, just the way you are. I like who I am because of you.

I so love this quote....
God gives special needs children to regular parents, who choose to step up and be strong for their child!! That special child teaches you life lessons that you never could have anticipated, and throughout your journey together, you learn how to become the parents that your child needs.

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