Monday, February 6, 2017

A Companion Dog for Noah

Noah got to meet his companion dog, Bindi on Friday. I think they are going to make a great pair.
It didn't take her long to lay down on Noah's lap.

She is such a sweet dog. She was really good with Noah and didn't mind his big movements when he went to pet her and that's with no training. She will be even better when she is  done with training.
She fits perfectly on his lap. I think Noah is saying that his dog is #1.

 Noah can't wait until we can take her places to show her off.
If you would like to help us out to off set the cost of her trainers fee, I set up a PayPal account under or you can send it in the mail to 118 W. Main Shelby Ohio 44875. 
Thanks for always being one of Noah's Earth Angels.

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