Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Thanks for Everything Shelby Basketball

This post brought to you by Noah's dad!
I've written here before about our enjoyment of Shelby basketball, and how well the basketball program at Shelby High School has taken care of Noah over the years.  I'm happy to say that has continued throughout this year.
Noah was given a home jersey this year, and he wore it to every home game.  Late in the season, Troy Schwemley, Shelby's head coach, told us he wanted to have Noah announced as part of the team on Senior Night.  That was a dream come true for me.  What father wouldn't want to hear his son's name announced during the introductions, and hear the crowd applaud?
Seriously, that was enough for me.  I couldn't stop smiling after that happened.  But then after the season, Troy contacted us and invited Noah to the awards banquet, too.  We were very happy to be able to enjoy the awards banquet with the team and their parents.  What happened during the banquet was quite a surprise, though.
Noah was given a special award from the basketball program.  Talk about your "proud dad" moments.  I never would've thought I'd see the day when Noah was given a basketball award.  Another dream come true for Noah's dear ol' dad. 
Here's Coach Schwemley giving Noah the award.
Here's a close-up of Noah with his award. 
After the banquet, the other award winners asked if Noah could be in the newspaper picture with them.  Who were we to say no?

Noah got his picture taken with a lot of the players that night.  Here he is with Davey Hipp.
Noah with Davey Hipp and Carter Brooks.
Noah with senior Brandon Schneider.
Noah with Brock Kehres. 
Noah with senior Trevor Young.
The four seniors of Shelby basketball, 2016:  Brandon Schneider, Matt Dawson, Trevor Young, and Noah.
Noah's got several friends on the cheerleading squad, too.  Here's fellow senior Allie Uplinger.
Here's Noah with senior cheerleader Arica Friebel.  And below is Coach Troy Schwemley with Noah.
Thank you, Troy, for all you've done for Noah (and us!) the last several years.  You and the players each year have helped make Noah feel like "one of the guys" and that's all Susan and I ever wanted for him. Also, between the coaching staff and the other parents, Susan and I were made to feel very comfortable and included over the course of the season.  That felt great.  We've made some new friends through this experience.  And isn't that what it's all about?  And don't worry... We'll be back next season.  We're Whippet fans through and through, and we can't imagine NOT going to the games.  Go Whippets!

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