Monday, March 21, 2016

Our First Noah/ Kehres Day

Over the years we have been very blessed with family that would help us with Noah when we needed them to. The idea of letting someone we hardly know take care of him scared me to death. Especially since he is unable to let us know if someone has been mean to him and we've had problems in the past that we are still not sure what happened to him. 
Lately it came apparent that I really need to find someone we can trust so Scott and I can get out and enjoy each other. To reconnect if you will. The thought of it gave me much anxiety. I posted our needs on Facebook and I got two responses. Both I'm very happy with, in fact I found myself getting very excited about spending time with Scott. Over this last weekend we got away together.
We found ourselves talking about Noah, but never once were we worried about him. He had such a great time with the Kerhes family. It felt so good to see them enjoy him. They were so nervous but they soon relaxed and they can't wait for the next Noah/Kerhes day. We got this sweet picture of Noah and Todd watching the high school championship game together.
A huge thank you goes out to the Kerhes' for offering to help out with Noah. Scott and I had the best day talking and laughing together.

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