Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy Trisomy 8 Day

When Noah was diagnosed with Trisomy 8 seventeen years ago it felt like our world had come crashing down around us. We were told our little baby boy would probably not live very long and he would probably be a vegetable. Yes, Noah can't walk or talk, but he is far from a vegetable. He is a happy well loved young man that just turned 18 years old. We have experienced more joy and love than we ever thought possible and it's not about what he can't do, it's all about what he can.
There is a long list of characteristics for Trisomy 8. Noah doesn't have any of them. So we believe he suffers more from his CP then his trisomy. 
The extra chromosome that Noah got just made him awesome.

God didn't make a mistake, he just made Noah extra special.

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