Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New York City 2015

New York City was so much fun with my sweetie.
We rode down Time Square and around Central Park.
We went to the 9/11 museum.
The stair case of tower 1.
No Day Will Erase You From The Memory Of Time "Virgil"
We rode the Staten Island ferry.

It was beautiful a weekend.

Scott got a caricature of himself done. Next time we need to make sure we carry a small can of hairspray with us. Street really know how to stick it to you. We were told it would $5. When he was done, instead of spraying it with hairspray we were told it would be an extra $20 for the protective frame. Thank you Mister Street Vendor.
St Patrick's Cathedral was finally almost done being renovated. The last 2 times I was there it was full of scaffolding. This time we could really see its splendor I heard some much about. 
It truly is such a beautiful place.
The Rockefeller Center at night. 
Thank you  Morgan and Emily for keeping Noah. Your Dad and I had an amazing weekend together. We really enjoyed our time together.

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