Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Day at Dreamcatcher Ranch

Through an organization called a A Kid Again ,we had a great day at Dreamcatcher Ranch.  The Mosaic Mansfield Church had volunteers there to help the families have a fun day.We went on a hayride. It was a little scary at times but we had fun.
Noah got to ride a horse named Ricochet . He seemed to really like it.
He goes to the Shriner's Picnic at the Richland County Fairgrounds every fall  but they don't let him ride a horse. So seeing him on the horse yesterday brought  tears to my eyes. I just wish there was a place he could ride more often. I think it would really help with his upper body strength.

We tried to go fishing but we didn't have any luck catching anything. Maybe I scared them away by the look on my face. I promise I really did enjoy my self.
It was an amazing day enjoying spending time with Noah.
We would like to thank the Earhart family( the owners of Dreamcatcher Ranch), the volunteers from Mosaic Mansfield Church, Mike for putting Noah on and off Ricochet, the young lady who took Noah for a ride and Kate & Macy for showing Noah how to be A Kid Again. It was a Wonderful day.


Janet said...

What a fun experience! Our son has mosaic trisomy 8. About once a year I get an urge to search and find out more, that's how I cam e across your blog. We are in Alabama, and know no one else with this condition. Our son was adopted from China at age 8.
I'd love to chat with you if you have time.

Susan said...

I just saw your comment. I'm glad you found us. Would love to chat. Look me up on Facebook. Susan Sheaffer